The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon is a non-profit organization dedicated to FASD prevention and fostering accepting and educated communities where individuals with FASD have equal access to opportunities to reach their full potential."


"FASSY envisions a Yukon in which Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is prevented and where persons with FASD are fully included in Yukon society."



Morgan Fawcett on Living with FASD


Living with FASD: Myles Himmelreich

Published on April 23, 2013: Myles speaks to what it is like to live with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder on a daily basis, what his journey has been growing up, and what he needs in order to have success today.



Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Recovering Hope is an intimate and evocative video about the mothers and families of children who are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). The video, created for viewing by women in recovery and their counselors, is divided into to half-hour episodes to allow time for discussion within a treatment session.

Eight women tell poignant, memorable stories. They speak out about how alcohol use during pregnancy affected their children, how they are learning effective new ways to parent, and how they are recovering hope for the future. Six researchers and clinicians support these stories by explaining the physical, mental, behavioral and learning disabilities associated with FASD and discussing evaluation and intervention services



Puppets and hip hop lead the fight against foetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Anyinginyi Aboriginal Health Corporation health workers Cathy Malla, Adele Gibson, and Leonie Williams introduce the puppet family taking up the fight against foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in Tennant Creek to the Chronic Diseases Network Conference in Darwin. (Anyinginyi Aboriginal Health Corporation)


A collection of puppets depicting a Tennant Creek family affected by foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), is opening a difficult conversation. The choices parents make could prevent babies being born into lives of health and behavioural problems.


FASD is an umbrella term describing a range of permanent birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The challenge for Adele Gibson, the FASD Coordinator for the Anyinginyi Aboriginal Health Corporation in Tennant Creek, was overcoming cultural, educational and language barriers to the prevention message.

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Raising Adrian – My Own Experience with FASD in America

In August 2008 an adorable, Hispanic toddler walked through our front door and into our family.

Although he was two years and eight months old, he was non-verbal, wore clothes sized for an 18-month-old, and looked to be very unhealthy. His skin color was ashen, it felt clammy to the touch, and he had quite a bit of bruising on his little body.

Adrian and his younger brother had been in many foster homes before coming to live with us, and had lived in foster care their entire lives. We were their seventh placement. Their five-year-old sister followed a week later. She had been living in a different foster home, and we were her twelfth placement.

I wondered why mere babies would have been moved so many times. Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) was scheduled for October, two months later, and that put us on the fast track to adoption.

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National Awareness & Prevention  Campaign & Research Presentations Conference on FASD

ACCRA, Ghana

Thursday May 29 & Friday May 30 2014


6th National Biennial Conference on Adolescents and Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

April 09, 2014 to April 12, 2014


Sharing Voices Inspiring Hope: FASD in Northern Communities Finding Solutions that Work

Yellowknife: March 4 - 5 2014

Best Start Resource Center 2014 Conference

Toronto February 26 - 28 2014

The Best Start Resource Centre Conference is an annual event for service providers working on preconception health, prenatal health, and early child development to meet, share, reflect, network and be inspired! The annual conference attracts over 300 participants each year. In addition to offering excellent peer sharing opportunities, the conference allows service providers and policy makers to increase their knowledge and learn innovative strategies and programs relevant to their work. The annual conference will focus on strategies and solutions - from policy to practice. More specifically, the conference will showcase examples of the best and promising practice across Ontario and across multiple settings related to family, maternal, newborn and child health. 


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder  Implications for the Justice System
with Sheila Burns
Thursday February 27, 2014
Register at:
(registration starts January 13, 2014)
Family Centre, 65 Hanson Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario


The National Alcohol Strategy: History and future priorities

This webnair is being held January 17 2014



 We have posted the Plenary Sessions for the FIRST INTERNATIONAL FASD PREVENTION CONFERENCE - held September 23 - 25 2013 in  - check under LINKS AND RESOURCES


Summer Snow is a novel set in the powerful geography of Northern Canada and in the ambiguity of cross-cultural relations. It is peopled with vibrant characters who form a large part of Amanda’s life and who are entangled in Amanda’s dedication to her daughter. It is a story of love, hope, and acceptance.

Eleanor Millard resides in Carcross, and has lived nearly a half century in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Now semi-retired, she has worked as a social worker , an adult educator, and a Member of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. She adopted a Yukon First Nation girl affected by FASD in 1975 and much of Summer Snow is her actual experience, candidly revealed.

You can order this book by going to this website




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CCSA Report Calls for Greater Attention to Issues of Substance Use during Pregnancy

Authored by renowned expert Dr. Loretta Finnegan, the report outlines the unique harms of substance use for women in general and pregnant women in particular. It aims to raise awareness amongst healthcare providers, so they will explore these issues with their patients and provide unbiased, compassionate information to women of childbearing age and their partners.


FASD Canadian news
New listserv ('announcement-only' group; moderated by Elspeth Ross)
Yahoo! Groups


Assembly of First Nations National Chief Acknowledges International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day
News Release
Assembly of First Nations
September 9, 2013


Saskatchewan Supports Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day
News Release
Government of Saskatchewan
September 9, 2013


B.C. marks FASD Prevention and Support Day
News Release
British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development
September 9, 2013


Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Acknowledges International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day
News Release
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
September 9, 2013


The Crees of Eeyou Istchee Launch the First FASD Diagnostic and Intervention Clinic in Québec
News Release
Grand Council of the Crees
September 9, 2013


Support and awareness are key to ending FASD
Minister of Children and Family Development
September 6, 2013


Lack of post-adoption support for families with special needs
University of Ottawa
September 4, 2013


Alberta recognizes International FASD Awareness Day
Alberta Government
News Release
August 23, 2013


Yukon government implements study to determine the prevalence of FASD in corrections population
News Release
Government of Yukon
August 2, 2013


$1.7M project examines genetic roots of FASD
Daily News
July 29, 2013


Early view paper and abstracts
Special Issue on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research


Upcoming events
Canada FASD Research Network




Local News

Lawyers push for more support for FASD

18/12/2013 16:03
   Yukon News ... December 18 2013 The Yukon branch of the Canadian Bar Association wants the territory to become the first jurisdiction...

Yukon seeks input into proposed regulations including minimum rental standards

12/12/2013 15:41
    WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is asking for feedback on proposed regulations under the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act,...
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Women who binge drink may face Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

07/01/2014 10:00
Till date, it was believed that FAS also caused heart problems in just over half of those with this condition but remained largely a mystery how. To unlock this mystery, a team led by an...

ADHD does not exist

07/01/2014 09:57
Pop quiz: Is the proportion of American children suffering from the disease known as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder . . . a) Less than 5%, as we believed before the early 1990s? b) More...

How alcohol leads to birth defects - clues from embryo heart images

07/01/2014 09:55
Scientists have found a way to image the very early development of the embryonic heart in research that may help them to explain how drinking alcohol in pregnancy can lead to heart defects at the...

Robert Fulford: Don’t call me a prohibitionist

07/01/2014 07:32
Eighty years ago this month, millions of angry Americans brought the Prohibition era to an end. What naïve anti-alcohol crusaders called “the noble experiment” lasted 14 years and left scars on...


04/01/2014 16:39
"...Two babies a month in Scotland are born with birth defects caused by their mother’s excessive drinking during pregnancy..." 3 Jan 2014 Scottish Daily Mail By Julie-Anne Barnes Health...

Could a tipple in pregnancy be good for baby?

04/01/2014 16:38
"...The mothers who did drink were also likely to be from well- educated backgrounds with healthier lifestyles. However, psychologist Janni Niclasen, who carried out the research, warned it was...

OUR drinking problem

02/01/2014 18:10
"...The situation is extreme in two populations in the Northern Cape Province (De Aar and Upington), where the FASD prevalence rates exceed 100 per 1000 (10%) and 70 per 1000 (7%),...

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Heart Defects May Be Caused by Altered Function, Not Structure

02/01/2014 18:08
Newswise — Bethesda, Md. (Dec. 30, 2013)—Recent data shows that more than 500,000 women in the U.S. report drinking during pregnancy, with about 20 percent of this population admitting to binge...

Male mice's deficient diet is linked to birth defects

21/12/2013 09:20
15 Dec 2013 The Washington Post Sunday BY MEERI KIM Kim is a freelance science journalist based in Philadelphia. "We should be looking carefully at the way a man is living his life." Sarah Kimmins,...


20/12/2013 14:24
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